How Astrology Can Help You Plan for Your Baby’s Birth

Whether you’re a new parent or a seasoned pro, having a baby is one of those things you can never fully prepare for. But much of the way they act and interact with you (and you with them), could be due to their astrological sign. Now in her new book, Babystrology, Judi Vitale looks at how astrology can help parents prepare for the birth of their baby and better understand the child as they grow.

“Baby astrology does for parenting what GPS does for navigating roads,” Vitale says. “You can go into raising a child with just your intuition … [but] it would be so much better to use astrology to more fully understand their psyche and gain some appreciation of who they can become.”

Knowing how a baby’s astrological sign affects their characteristics and how it impacts their relationship with you can help you become more prepared for their arrival.

What the Stars Say

astrology baby birth
Babystrology author Judi Vitale

Is your baby going to be quiet and timid or is she going to be a feisty fireball? 

Vitale says astrology can give you insight about your baby’s traits and tastes to help prepare the nursery and to choose clothing and toys. For example, if you’re going to have a Leo, you may want to opt for a nursery that has plenty of colors, while a Virgo baby would much rather prefer calmer surroundings.

Vitale shared these stand-out characteristics of each sign with Parentology:

  • Aries– Physical and Feisty
  • Taurus – Quiet, Pleasant, but Stubborn
  • Gemini – Verbal and Mobile
  • Cancer – Nurturing, but Moody
  • Leo – Proud and Generous
  • Virgo – Discerning and Tidy
  • Libra – Sweet but Indecisive
  • Scorpio – Perceptive and Somewhat Secretive
  • Sagittarius – Cheerful and Highly Active
  • Capricorn – Businesslike and Organized
  • Aquarius – Offbeat and Community-loving
  • Pisces – Sweet and Otherworldly

While you may be planning for a Taurus baby who is more on the quiet side, remember that babies have a mind of their own when it comes to their due date. 

“The signs change around the 21st or 22nd of each month, one day can make all the difference,” says Vitale.

So, that tranquil April 20th Taurus baby you may be hoping for could turn out to be a feisty Aries if she comes just one day sooner!

Clashing Zodiac Signs

astrology baby birth
Illustration: Natoushe / iStock

Just as there are some zodiac sign combinations that could clash in the dating world, Vitale says there are some combinations between parents and their children that are more challenging than others.

The important thing to remember is that no combination is hopeless. Here are some of the more challenging combinations that Vitale shared with Parentology.

  • Aries with Scorpio or Virgo
  • Taurus with Libra or Sagittarius
  • Gemini with Scorpio or Capricorn
  • Cancer with Sagittarius or Aquarius
  • Leo with Capricorn or Pisces
  • Virgo with Aquarius or Aries
  • Libra with Pisces or Taurus
  • Scorpio with Aries or Gemini
  • Sagittarius with Taurus or Cancer
  • Capricorn with Gemini or Leo
  • Aquarius with Cancer or Virgo
  • Pisces with Leo or Libra

Vitale says these particular sign combinations are “in aversion,” meaning that they like being together but often have trouble seeing the world in the same…

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