Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season: Todd Gurley aims for redemption,

Rumor has it running backs don’t matter, but I suppose that logic depends upon which ones you’re talking about. For when it comes to assessing the best in the NFL at the position, you’re hard-pressed to keep that argument going, knowing full-well not everyone can do what they do — when/if given the chance. It’s the reason the Dallas Cowboys awarded Ezekiel Elliott a historic contract despite re-signing Alfred Morris as insurance during his 2019 holdout, and only months after drafting Tony Pollard

It’s also why the New York Giants will do the same for Saquon Barkley or risk losing him in the future, and not long after the Carolina Panthers threw an entire Wells Fargo at Christian McCaffrey. And then there’s the looming Derrick Henry contract with the Tennessee Titans, so forth and so on. Detractors point to the Todd Gurley contract divorce from the Los Angeles Rams, but are reports of his demise accurate? 

Or exceedingly premature? 

A myriad of variables determine how successful a running back will be at the NFL level, and the bottom line is not all of them are created equal. That becomes deathly clear when attempting to identify the best in all of football. The following 10 players have proven to be in a league of their own, in one way or several.

Translation: They matter.

10. Dalvin Cook, Vikings

There’s no doubt Cook has shown he’s one of the best running backs in all of football. 

The problem for the former second-round pick is while that’s obviously true, so are questions surrounding his durability — his battle with injuries having tied down his potential prior to 2019. Cook burst onto the scene in his rookie scene by taking the franchise record for single-game rushing yards from Adrian Peterson, running for 127 yards in his NFL debut, but wound up with only 354 rushing yards and two touchdowns that year after suffering a torn ACL that sidelined him after Week 4. 

He’d miss more time in Year 2 due to hamstring issues before breaking out last season, and subsequently holding out with the hopes of commanding a more “respectable” contract offer from the Vikings. Cook has not yet proven more than the others on this list but, that said, he’s a force when he’s healthy.

The only question is, can he stay that way in 2020 and beyond?

9. Todd Gurley, Falcons


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