What The Astrological Age Of Aquarius Means For Health Care

We have long looked to science, data, and evidence-based medicine to guide us toward health and well-being. In Western culture, this is what we believe in, and in the age of Pisces that’s what matters. So the belief that double-blind placebo controlled studies, pharmacology, board-certified specialists, and epidemiological data contain the secrets to great health shapes the standard of care. This approach to health care has fueled great progress in medicine—but it is becoming inadequate. Chronic disease and mental illness is on the rise. Some evidence-based studies are biased. Community and societal support for those with invisible illnesses are nonexistent.

Collectively, we are not well. And we are conditioned to believe that the solutions to our dis-ease are outside ourselves: trained professionals, medications, research articles, books, blogs, etc. In the Piscean age, the path to well-being involves gaining access to highly protected, often expensive information that is not universally accessible. And as we move deeper into the Aquarian age, this orientation to health will no longer be relevant.

In the Age of Aquarius, well-being must be accessible to all. There are no secrets. It’s about knowing that all the information to create great health is within you and you can heal yourself. Everyone is a healer. This doesn’t mean we’ll no longer need trained specialists or expert opinions—but it does mean that one’s personal experience and inner knowing will be highly valued. Becoming a healer will be about looking within and learning to trust what you already know.

The Age of Aquarius invites us to stop looking outside of ourselves for answers and learn to listen to the wisdom within. Here are five practices that can help you get started:

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