COVID-19 commentaries cover diverse topics

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — With the continued spread of COVID-19, Penn State’s Social Science Research Institute (SSRI), in collaboration with the Center for Health Care and Policy Research (CHCPR), are providing informed commentary on the spillover effects of the pandemic from leading social, biomedical and other scientists from across Penn State via its “Insights from Experts” article series.

With over 20 postings to date, topics are wide-ranging and include the impacts of COVID-19 on substance abuse disorder, the criminal justice system, education, restaurants, cancer care, air quality, aggressive parenting, and more. Thus far, contributing authors come from nine different colleges across four Penn State campuses.

As a result of one of the articles, Adrienne Woods, contributing author and postdoctoral researcher scholar in education policy studies, was recently featured in an interview on PCNTV about the coronavirus impacts on children with disabilities receiving special education services.

“I’ve been heartened by the response to our article,” Woods said. “Education is one of many key areas impacted by COVID-19, and people are especially concerned with how to address special education and teaching students with disabilities in the coming months. I’m glad we were able to disseminate our expertise to the citizens of the commonwealth during this difficult time, and I hope the information was helpful to educators and families in their efforts to assist students with disabilities.”

“The pandemic is and will continue to have profound effects on individuals and populations, at all levels,” said Dennis Scanlon, director of CHCPR and distinguished professor of health policy and administration. “Penn State researchers are committed to informing the public about the pandemic’s spillover effects to our economic, education and other social systems.”

The articles are part of SSRI’s COVID-19 Resources website, which is supported by SSRI in partnership with CHCPR.

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