Kellyanne Conway Praises ‘Girlboss’ Donald Trump After He Bashes Her Online

Former President Donald Trump essentially called Kellyanne Conway a liar last week for writing that she told him he lost the 2020 election. But Conway isn’t hitting back.

Instead, during an appearance on CBS Mornings on Tuesday, Trump’s onetime senior adviser praised him as a champion of women and a “girlboss.”

Conway was pressed by host Tony Dokoupil on a passage in her memoir, Here’s The Deal, in which she said she told Trump he came up short in the election. Trump pushed back on that claim on Thursday, writing on Truth Social that Conway “never told me that” and that, if she had, he would’ve pushed her out so she “could go back to her crazy husband.”

“What do you say to the president contesting your version?” Dokoupil asked. Co-host Gayle King then interjected: “No, what exactly he said, he wouldn’t have dealt with you any longer, she would have been wrong, and you can go back with your crazy husband. He didn’t just say you’re not telling the truth.”

Conway defended her version of events, arguing she pushed the president to make his case he won the election before the Dec. 14 state certification deadline.

“‘You have every right to do what Al Gore did, what others have done, which is if you are going to go find evidence of malfeasance, the shenanigans of theft fraud, you have every right to do that with your legal team and present it,’” she said she told Trump. “And we all know what happened. They tried, they presented it. The election was certified for Biden-Harris, but other people had another idea to blow past December 14, and look at January 6, as another alternative way.”

When pressed by Doukopil directly—“Did you have to tell the president that he failed on November 3?”—Conway stuck to her account: “I did, and it broke my heart.”

Still, she defended her former-boss-turned-current-opponent as “a great girlboss” who championed women in office (even as he disparaged a plethora of women from Hillary Clinton to Kamala Harris to Meghan Markle).

“I’ve always had a great relationship with President Trump and I go on and on in the book of how protective he was of me,” she said, later adding: “I wish he was still the president.”

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