Trump latest: Jan 6 legal memo shows plan to overturn 2020 presidential election

Trump brags about the size of his rally on January 6

As the investigation into the attack on the US Capitol steadily yields more information about the events leading up to the 6 January attack, a new memo has been released detailing a new angle on the Trump team’s efforts to subvert the outcome of the 2020 election.

The memo, written by attorney Kenneth Chesebro, spells out a contorted multi-day plan to have Mike Pence take control of the electoral certification in the Senate, something the vice president ultimately refused to do despite intense pressure from the then-president.

Meanwhile, Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin, a member of the House 6 January committee, has said that Donald Trump will “get his comeuppance” over the attack on the US Capitol.

Suggesting that criminal charges may soon be brought against the former president, Mr Raskin labelled Mr Trump “guilty as sin” and called him a “one-man crime wave” in an interview with Salon.

The select committee is set to begin its public hearings this month.


Trump ally booed off stage in Arizona

Arizona Representative Debbie Lesko on last week turned a high school graduation speech into a political spectacle that induced parents and students to heckle her until she left the stage.

Ms Lesko, a third-term Republican who represents Arizona’s 8th district, was speaking at the Arizona Virtual Academy graduation ceremony when audience members began shouting at her, telling her “you need to go” or “there’s no place for this” after she began polling her audience on hot-button issues such as student loan forgiveness and school choice.

The congresswoman responded: “Wow, no freedom of speech here”.

Andrew Feinberg has more.

Andrew Naughtie1 June 2022 17:40


Another Jan 6 memo spells out intricacy of plan to overturn election in the Senate

A newly released document from the morass of pre-6 January communications among the Trump team provides a glimpse into the depth of conspiratorial legal thinking in advance of the electoral certification in the Senate.

The memo, which has been released via a new court filing, spells out in extensive detail the way that attorney Kenneth Chesebro and his correspondent, Rudy Giuliani, were thinking about what would happen on Capitol Hill when the votes were counted.

Kyle Cheney runs down the core elements of the plan below:

Andrew Naughtie1 June 2022 16:47


Kinzinger celebrates work against Trump endorsees

Retiring GOP Congressman Adam Kinzinger, one of his party’s most caustic critics of Donald Trump, has been ramping up his efforts to organise and fundraise against hard-right candidates endorsed by the former president. And some on the right are now blaming him for tanking Trump allies in recent primaries – something Mr Kinzinger is clearly happy to take credit for.

Andrew Naughtie1 June 2022 16:20


Father and son who entered Capitol on Jan 6 face sentencing

Daryl Johnson and his son Dan are soon to find out their sentences for their behaviour on 6 January 2021, when they entered the US Capitol along with a horde of Trump supporters.

As CBS’s Scott MacFarlane reports, the men…

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