READER REVIEW: Flying British Airways Club Europe from Gatwick to Turkey

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Today’s review is from reader Debbie.

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The Check In Experience

Gatwick check in 2022 (from previous article)

I had booked a BA holiday to Turkey a year ago for May and it would not be an understatement to say that BA did their best to discourage us from going – cancelled flights, change of time, change of date, change of airport and the icing on the cake, an extra charge. Having negotiated my way through all of these obstacles (and spent three hours on the phone to overturn the extra charge), I set off with my travelling partner and husband to LGW South. Pre-pandemic, I had always enjoyed the checking in experience here because the Club check-in was clearly separated from the main areas and had an air of calm and efficiency.

We arrived on a Saturday morning, considerably earlier than I would normally have planned as I was well aware that airports were having problems. I am certainly very glad that I did. We headed immediately over to Club check-in, to be faced with a huge queue of people. It was puzzling but soon all became clear. Since the First check-in has been removed, BA has added a World Traveller Plus Check in right next to Club and there were many many people waiting in that line which had merged into one.

After a small intervention from ground staff the lines were separated, but we continued to wait another 30 minutes before we reached the front. At this point, the same ground crew member brought a family in front of us as they were about to miss their flight. Directly following them though, were a number of people (more about these later) who were clearly annoyed at having to wait so simply stood behind them. This particular group were also travelling to Dalaman. No attempt was made by ground staff to remedy the situation which was becoming quite heated due to irate passengers who had spent the same time as us in line.

Escaping this chaos, we headed for the priority security line and walked straight through to the scanners. Unfortunately here too we encountered further issues. The standard line is now managed by automated screens advising passengers which section they should go to. Nothing for us and no member of staff, so we simply stood forward and found our own spaces. Understandably this caused some confusion and quite honestly was utterly unnecessary.

BA Club lounge Gatwick (pre-covid)

We gladly arrived at the Galleries Lounge. Table service with the usual QR code, and help yourself drinks were the order of the day. Unfortunately some people, and I can only assume they were travelling for the first time since the pandemic, failed to understand this and…

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