Justin Trudeau Praises Ryan Reynolds For His ‘Brilliant Sense Of Humour’ That’s

Justin Trudeau has praised Ryan Reynolds for having a “brilliant sense of humour” that’s so Canadian but also understandable to Americans.

It all went down on an episode of Pod Save the World, a political podcast hosted by Tommy Vietor and Ben Rhodes, with the Canadian prime minister as a guest speaker, which was released on June 8.

During the 30 minutes of the podcast that Trudeau was a part of, he talked about the current state of democracy, gun control, climate change, drug policy, the situation in Ukraine and who the best comedians in Canada are.

One of the hosts actually said that one of the greatest Canadian exports is comedians and listed Seth Rogen, Mike Myers, Samatha Bee, Jim Carrey, John Candy and Catherine O’Hara among others as some of the best.

Then he asked Trudeau if he has a favourite Canadian comedian and “what is so damn funny” in Canada since the country has so many comedians.

“I think Canadians are very naturally self-deprecating. I mean, we live beside a country filled with amazing patriots who thump their chests all the time,” Trudeau said.

“Canadians have learned a certain level of self-deprecation that I think these days you see extraordinarily well-embodied by someone like a Ryan Reynolds,” he continued.

According to Trudeau, Reynolds has “a brilliant sense of humour that is very, very Canadian but translates very well to Americans.”

One of the hosts then said that if you look like Ryan Reynolds you can say pretty much anything and people will think it’s hilarious.

“That is an advantage,” Trudeau responded.

How funny!

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