New Jan. 6 witness: Trump had mystery call with Putin

Ryan Lizza: Did you consider resisting the subpoena because, as a journalist… Look, I have an interview with Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago from after January 6 that’s unpublished. And if the January 6 committee came asking for that, there’d be a lot of questions I would have, and I think our attorneys at POLITICO would have. There are tons of books that have been written about Donald Trump with transcripts and audio recordings of interviews that have not been turned over to that committee. The committee hasn’t subpoenaed, for instance, Bob Costa and Bob Woodward, right? Or Susan [Glasser] and Peter [Baker] for their book or any of the other journalists who have these long interviews with the president and his family. Did it raise concerns for you on a First Amendment or journalistic level of “Wait a second. I’m not sure that I should hand this stuff over”?

Alex Holder: In terms of my position, I think the idea of us not wanting to comply with one of the biggest political investigations of all time would have caused quite a lot of complications in terms of what the series is and what the project was. I mean, to me the events of January 6, which is really what this investigation is all about, is it was a terrible day for America. Obviously we were there on that day and people died and were injured. And it’s something that needs to obviously never happen again.

There’s sort of a responsibility and a sense of… The idea of saying no, in that context, sort of made me feel uncomfortable, especially as I’m not an American and the access that we had was unique. And so there was a sort of a perspective that — and I’m not even sure we would have been particularly successful in even resisting that — and to me, the idea of resisting it just didn’t make any sense.

Lizza: So it sounds like you felt in a sense that it was your duty to help the committee put together the most comprehensive record that they could? And you had something that could fill in some pieces, so you should turn it over?

Holder: Yeah. It’s sort of like saying that the series comes out and then an investigation takes place afterwards. Like, would I resent the fact that an inquiry was using a finished and publicly released documentary for that investigation? No. At the end of the day, they have the power to ask for it. We complied with it.

Lizza: I think I read somewhere that one of the things that weighed on you was that you saw some contradictions between what was said to the committee and what you recorded.

Holder: I’m not a lawyer, right. And I’m not a politician. I just document the facts and the history. In Ivanka’s interview to me, it wasn’t at all surprising when she said that the family have always, at least in my interactions with them, been very supportive of their father. They love him very much. They admire him. Eric Trump calls his father his best friend. And so the idea that Ivanka would sort of echo some of her father’s thoughts was not surprising at all. When she gave her testimony to the investigation, there was a difference in what she had said to me and it will be for others to determine whether there was a difference,…

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