EDITORIAL: Federal services collapsing under Trudeau

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Airports recently saw half of their expected flights pushed back or cancelled over a seven-day period due to government screw-ups. It’s a truly remarkable statistic.

According to the analytics firm Data Wazo, as reported by the Canadian Press, “54% of flights to six large airports were bumped off schedule in the seven days between June 22 and 28.”

The news story explained that, “Airlines and the federal government have been scrambling to respond to scenes of endless lines, flight disruptions and daily turmoil at airports — particularly at Pearson — a problem the aviation industry has blamed on a shortage of federal security and customs officers.”

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This is an absolute mess. All signs point to the federal government being to blame.

It’s not the only problem Canadians are facing. The line-ups at passport offices are unacceptably long. There are also now reports of how people have been waiting for Nexus cards for two and even three years.

Things shouldn’t be this complicated. These are among the core service delivery tasks of the federal government. Why can’t they get it right?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced last week the formation of a task force of 10 cabinet ministers to improve these problems.

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Sorry, but we don’t see how this is going to help matters. It sounds like more red tape and more delays as they have meeting after meeting.

Canadians don’t want talk. They want action.

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Last month Transport Minister Omar Alghabra rudely blamed out-of-practice travellers for causing the delays at airports, suggesting that Canadians had somehow forgotten how to take their laptops out of their carry-on luggage over the past two years.

Alghabra also went on to blame the aviation industry. Basically, he thinks everyone is to blame except for himself and the Liberal government.

It’s time for Trudeau, Alghabra and the rest of cabinet to stop denying and downplaying the problems and start fixing them.

Because right now it appears like federal services are collapsing under Trudeau’s leadership.

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