Astrology Startup Astrotalk Doing a Business of Rs. 70 Lakh per Day

There is an app for everything these days with their sole purpose being solving our life problems. But factually speaking, most of these apps are only here to solve our immediate problems. So what about the problems that lie in the future Well, worry no more because we have found an app that not only takes care of your present but also your future – Astrotalk.

Puneet Gupta – Founder & CEO, Astrotalk

Founded by Puneet Gupta, Astrotalk is the world’s biggest astrology startup that helps people connect with astrologers and ask them questions about their marriage, love, career, health and more.

Astrotalk has already served over 3-crore people in less than 5 years & does a business of over 70 lacs per day making it one of the most successful startups in India.

But, the most interesting fact about Astrotalk is that the founder himself never believed in astrology until one astrology prediction changed his life forever.

Astrotalk was launched as a result of an astrology prediction!

In 2015, Puneet was working as an IT engineer in Mumbai when he decided to quit his job to do a startup. But like most of us, he too was very anxious about leaving the job security.

Thats when one of his colleagues noticed his tension and asked him about the problem. On learning about his confusion, she offered to help with an astrology prediction. Puneet, who didn’t believe in astrology back then, laughed at his colleague and asked her how an educated person like her could believe in astrology.

His colleague was however very confident about her astrology skills, and told him that she could tell him everything about his past. Considering her confidence, Puneet agreed to give it a try as he had nothing to lose. The astrologer gave accurate predictions about his past but Puneet didn’t believe in it, thinking she might have heard that from someone.

Predicting his future, she told him that he would soon start an IT startup with his friend but it would shut down in 2 years as his partner will leave him. She then added that Puneet would start another startup that eventually will become very successful. Puneet didn’t believe any of it, yet resigned to start an IT company. To his surprise, 2 years later, his partner did leave, leading to shutting down of a well-established business.

It was then Punnet recalled the prediction of her friend. He arranged her number and gave her a call to tell her how her prediction came true. The astrologer-ex-colleague then suggested Puneet to do something in the spiritual field, adding that such a business will be successful for him. It was then Puneet started Astrotalk, a company that has grown at lightning speed to become the world’s largest Astrology company.

The Rise of Astrotalk

The secret to Astrotalk’s success, as per Puneet, is hiring the most authentic and genuine astrologers. Secondly, Puneet says he tries to do business with full honesty.

“The biggest challenge for us right from the beginning has been to find genuine astrologers. We get thousands of CVs from across India, but less than 5% of the entrants can clear our interview process. There are a lot of self-proclaimed astrologers in the market, so it…

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