Is Astrology Real? I Compared My Life To My Horoscope To Find Out

“So like, what’s your sign?” is something you hear a lot in Los Angeles. And since moving to LA earlier this year, I’ve been rethinking my expectations on conversation starters. In New York, new acquaintances would ask me what I do in terms of work; here, they need to know my sun, moon and rising sign. Even though they’re just trying to figure out my vibe, it does beg the question: is astrology real? Or is it just another form of small talk that breaks the ice?

The most relevant way astrology influences your life is through horoscopes, which can sometimes be hit or miss! However, it’s a well-kept secret in astrology that you should be checking both your sun *and* rising sign’s horoscope for more accuracy. Rising signs change every two hours, while sun signs change every thirty days, which make it a much more specific astrological placement. The rising sign is also known as the first house of the self, which describes your sense of identity and the unique way you navigate the world. And because horoscopes are written with all 12 houses of astrology in mind, you need to know what zodiac sign rules over your first house in order to know the rest.

For the record, I’m a Leo sun, Taurus rising, and Pisces moon. While your sun sign dictates your ego and overall character, your rising sign represents the energy you put out into the universe. Your moon sign rules your emotional nature and how you internally process your feelings. I’m a hardcore Leo; someone who’s deeply loyal and proud, but my Taurus rising gives me a love for luxury and stability that keeps me grounded. My Pisces moon is where I attribute my creativity, romance and compassion. Plus, it also gives me a sprinkle of mystery!

As someone with a mild yet functional case of anxiety, I have a penchant for reading my horoscope ahead of every month to get a feel for what’s in my near future. The stars and astrology always give me a much-appreciated heads up. Now that it’s July, I’m curious to see how my June 2022 horoscope stacked up against my actual experiences over the course of the month. Looking back, it was filled with havoc but it was also frantically fun!

I Compared My Life To My Horoscope—Here’s What Happened

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Worst Summer

Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

June 3: Mercury retrograde finally ends!

My Taurus rising’s horoscope: Get it together, Cam! You’re getting a clearer perspective of yourself and what you think now.

My Leo sun’s horoscope: You’re on the verge of a major breakthrough in your career. Things are already easier to control, especially as Mercury begins to turn things around in your 10th house of ambition.

What really happened: I submitted my first three article drafts to STYLECASTER and I’m waiting on them to get published in the next few weeks, which is super exciting! I also only consumed extremely cheesy pasta (I’m gluten intolerant) and alcohol on this day in Little Italy, which made me almost throwing up on the L train while breaking out in cold sweats. Luckily, my boyfriend walked me back with some Essentia from the bodega as I hobbled back to his apartment in tiny…

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