Vedic astrology assists you streamline your closet for the week

Emerging out of India, Vedic astrology finds its earliest written records more than 5000 years ago. Accoriding to its practise, this is where the positions of the nine celestial bodies can affect your life in unparalleled ways.

In Vedic astrology, days of the week are regarded with substantial significance, and each day is associated with a planet that evokes the energies of the planets through rituals on the specific day. And if you are not willing to get into heavy-duty rituals, there is a fun way to be in sync with the powers that be. Feeling the retrograde effect? Try a new colour to better your day. Vedic astrology proposes that wearing specific colours on each day can help pacify your planets and induce your aura, all while looking stylish.

Scroll on for Vogue’s guide of homegrown brands to streamline your everyday wardrobe as per the colours advised in Vedic astrology:


Wear white on the day of the Moon. Pair Naushad Ali’s floral embroidered shirt with high-waist trousers, chunky sneakers and some minimal gold accessories.

Button-down shirt floral embroidered, Naushad Ali


Red is the colour for Tuesday’s ruling planet Mars. Huemn’s red drawstring dress is all you need to level up your style on a gloomy Tuesday.

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