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One of my favorite things to do in my free time goes on the Co-Star app and read about what the universe may have in store for me this week. 

I don’t believe in higher powers swaying my decisions or things like fate or destiny, but I’m obsessed with anything zodiac. It’s oddly comforting to see how your personality aligns with others’ or the people you gravitate toward, especially if you’re detached enough to remember not to take all of this to heart.

It sometimes blows my mind that astrology has managed to get so huge in such a short time. It went from a weird hobby to something many people follow religiously on apps and social media. 

It’s very much related to prophecy readings and tied to the universe around us — which I think is why it’s blown up in the past few years. 

Connie Dai | DFP Staff

For starters, humans have looked to the stars for guidance for thousands of years, especially when they’d help you navigate your way back home. And not only that, but it’s natural for us to be curious about what goes on outside our world. We’re fascinated by the ocean because we’ve never really explored it. The same goes for space exploration. What’s out there? That’s the unanswered, golden question. 

Because astrology has so much to do with the vast unknown, many people are drawn to it. 

How can these fiery orbs located millions of miles away guide us in this daunting life? How can we draw from external forces to help us? 

And once we start researching astrology, it’s almost like a black hole — it sucks you in. The lives we lead are always filled with so much chaos that looking up at the stars — the epitome of a calm and collected night — makes us feel in control. When stress and uncertainty are at the forefront of our minds, at least the stars are there to ground us. That’s a huge reason why so many people have chosen to believe in astrology.

I’ll admit, even as a non-believer myself, I make sure to remember the advice astrology sites offer. There may be a time when I’ll need it.

It’s also a time for people to sit back and reflect on themselves. As someone who needs that validation to know I’m going in the right direction, I am sometimes curious to see if the stars might also approve of the way I handle things. Even if all of this may be fake, it can still bring comfort during uncertain times.

For example, I’m a Gemini sun. That means I’m a very communicative person and should pursue more creative-driven fields like writing or film. And here I am, studying journalism, planning on being a writer of some sort in the future. Of course, I didn’t major in this track because my Co-Star told me to. I knew it long before I knew about astrology — but it does make me happy to hear those words. Maybe I’m on the right track. Maybe this is what I should be doing.

Or maybe it’s all bullsh—. Who the hell knows? 

At the end of the day, people will believe what they want to. And if it’s astrology, then so be it. I don’t think there’s any harm in putting a little faith in the stars, and I don’t think it’s right to frown upon someone just because they may not believe…

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