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Astrology is going through a revival right now, and you know what that means: tons and tons of guides to reading the stars. But where do you start? How do you figure out which book to trust, out of the dozens that you might find at a bookstore? Don’t worry! Here are the ten best astrology books to choose from.

As with books on tarot, you don’t need a whole bookcase full of astrology guides. Many of them will have roughly the same information, like descriptions of your sun, moon, and rising signs; the lowdown on how to read your natal chart; and explanations of lesser-known stuff like transits, aspects and nodes. You’ll find that each author has a different take on what the signs mean, though, so it’s good to read a few books to compare. And if you get into astrology longterm, you’ll definitely want to have a couple of reference books on hand.

Remember that a good astrology guide will never tell you that your life is predetermined, or that you can’t change your fate. Astrology is a beautiful and fun way to explore your personality through a mystical lens—and then make your own choices from there.

This is Your Destiny by Aliza Kelly

Cover of This is Your Destiny
(St. Martin’s Essentials)

Most astrology books are half-manual, half-reference book. Filled with descriptions of everything that could possibly appear in your natal chart, they often devote hundreds of pages to information that doesn’t apply to you. Those books are important (and they make up the rest of this list), but sometimes you want a broader view of how astrology actually plays out in real life. Kelly draws on her years of experience as a professional astrologer to present a holistic view of astrology, getting into how you can use your chart to gain a better understanding of love, money, and other aspects of your life.

The Stars Within You by Juliana McCarthy

Cover of The Stars Within You
(Roost Books)

The Stars Within You is a perfectly right-sized introduction to your birth chart. It’s in-depth without being overwhelming, with plenty of information for readers who are just starting out on their astrological journey, but want to give themselves a strong foundation.

Star Power by Vanessa Montgomery

Cover of Star Power
(Quadrille Publishing)

If giant tomes intimidate you, or if you want to get a taste of astrology before you dive in further, then you should opt for Montgomery’s trim Star Power. Montgomery details all the major parts of your birth chart in clear, easy-to-follow prose.

You Were Born For This by Chani Nicholas

Cover of You Were Born For This

In You Were Born For This, Chani Nicholas, creator of the Chani app and beloved astrologer to the stars, presents a streamlined and justice-oriented guide to reading your birth chart. This book is an excellent introduction to astrology for people who want to wrap their heads around the “Big Three,” and more seasoned astrologers will appreciate her feminist, inclusive take on planets and houses.

Astrology for Real Life by Theresa Reed

Cover of Astrology for Real Life
(Weiser Books)

This book is another solid introductory guide to the basics of astrology, including how to read a natal chart, how to time life events to planetary transits, and more.

Twist Your Fate by Theresa Reed

Cover of Twist Your Fate
(Weiser Books)

Another offering by astrologer…

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