The Trump Org Jury: Mostly Minority, Mostly Male

  • It took three days to seat the jury for the Trump Organization criminal tax fraud trial in Manhattan.
  • The mostly male, mostly minority jury has 2 men the defense tried to boot for their views on Trump.
  • In all, 3 jurors dislike Trump, whose namesake company faces some $2 million in fines if convicted.

Donald Trump’s company is about to be tried on tax-fraud charges before a jury that is mostly minority, mostly male, and that includes two men who the defense tried — and failed — to challenge due to their stated qualms about the former president. 

Opening statements are set for Monday in the criminal trial, for which the defendant is not Trump himself, but his $3 billion real-estate and golf-resort empire, charged with a 15-year scheme to dodge payroll taxes by giving executives such untaxed, off-the-books compensation as rent-free apartments and luxury cars.

Sitting in judgment of the Trump Organization, of which all of the leadership is white and male, will be four women — just one of them white. Of the eight men chosen, just two are white; another is a native of Honduras.

Just one or two, at best. could be described as white collar.

In a brisk jury selection held Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in state Supreme Court in Manhattan, nearly all of those chosen said they have some opinion about the former president.

They include a trio who openly dislike the former president, but who were seated anyway after repeatedly promising to be fair and impartial.

The defense simply did not have enough challenges to chase off the large number of Manhattan residents in the jury pool — well over half — who, when asked, expressed negative opinions of Trump. 

And while Trump is not on trial and won’t be in court, his presence was likened by one prosecutor to “the elephant not in the room.”

Any trial about the guilt or innocence of the Trump Organization will hinge on proving the actions, or inactions, of the man at the top of the company — and on whether…

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