Opinion: Palm Beach doctor: Fix health care system

Dr. Michael Dennis

Dr. Michael Dennis

Despite being a top spender on health care, the United States has an average life expectancy that is almost 10 years shorter than many other countries, including Japan, Norway, and Switzerland.

Recent studies indicate that in comparison to other public health systems around the globe, the U.S. ranks very low – lacking universal health coverage, equitable access to medical services, reduction of administrative inefficiencies and promoting welfare options. Tragically, the research shows that life expectancy losses among Black and Latino Americans are three times those for other ethnicities. Shortcomings in our health-care system, policies and public behavior must be addressed.

One very troubling factor is that a profit-focused health-care system has concentrated primarily on drug discoveries and disease treatment rather than prevention. Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular malfunction and cancer are the most common and costly of all health problems but are largely preventable.

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