6 Books For Scorpios, According To An Astrologer

What’s mysterious, intense and enjoys a good book? You guessed it — Scorpios! Typically born between Oct. 23 and No. 21, Scorpios are such intense, passionate signs that they are often mistaken for being a fire sign. In reality, Scorpio is a water sign falling between Libra and Sagittarius.

According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, it makes sense that Scorpios would be big readers. All water signs tend to have a complex imagination and creative side, which explains why they might like to slip away from the realities of life and decompress with a good book.

Scorpios are often intuitive, instinctual people. They don’t take risks in a bookstore; they know what they want and they go for it. Scorpios love problem-solving and striving for justice, so mystery novels and true crime stories hit the mark for them. Scorpios think outside of the box, and science fiction allows them to really imagine themselves in a different world. Since Scorpios always like to know the facts and get to know people on a deep, intimate level, autobiographies and memoirs are also a favorite genre. And Scorpios can easily be persuaded to flip through a romance, since they’re known to be passionate lovers.

When it comes to tropes, Scorpios stay far away from friends to lovers and fated soulmates; they want a good enemies to lovers story. Other tropes that Scorpios might be drawn to include a well-planned heist, an unreliable narrator and a story within a story.

Ready to read like a Scorpio? We’ve put together a list of books to satisfy every Scorpio need, from mysteries and heists to romances and personal transformations.

“Six of Crows” by Leigh Bardugo

With a mind for justice and a keen eye for solving mysteries, what better book trope for a Scorpio than a good heist? Heist novels keep a Scorpio intrigued by trying to guess how the story ends before those last few pages come along. According to Stardust, Scorpios prioritize a good, satisfying ending; they like having all the loose strings of a story nicely tied up, and heist stories normally provide a comprehensive, structured book layout.

In “Six of Crows,” Leigh Bardugo creates a fantastical and vivid world called Ketterdam, where six unique characters join together to complete a deadly heist. This novel received rave reviews, with readers gushing over the depth and humanity in each character, the various viewpoints included throughout the book and the overall storytelling abilities and world-building elements displayed by the author. “Six of Crows” is a fantasy heist perfect that will keep you — or the Scorpio in your life — guessing.

“Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover

In the summer, Scorpios may find themselves looking for a romance that gets hot and heavy, perfect for a trip to the beach. “Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover is the obvious match. Colleen Hoover, undisputed queen of modern romance and thriller novels, can always be trusted for a book that leaves you wanting more.

“Ugly Love” is among the steamiest of Hoover’s bestsellers. The reader follows Tate Collins and airline pilot Miles Archer in an enemies-to-lovers story. After meeting in an awkward (and notably unromantic) way, Tate and Miles…

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