Everything We Saw At Today’s Nintendo World Showcase

A screenshot from  Casus Ludi's narrative adventure game Blanc, showing a wolf cub and a fawn against a monochromatic, frosty environment.

This game, Blanc, is probably gonna mess me up emotionally.
Image: Casus Ludi

Nintendo wrapped up its Indie World Showcase today, highlighting a ton of upcoming and just-launched games for the Switch. There’s a little bit of everything here, from a cute puzzler with a mischievous cat to a Fox and the Hound-like adventure game. This indie presentation was pretty big, so let’s get into everything that was shown:



A wholesome narrative cooking game about an Indian mother who recently immigrated to Canada, developer Visai Games’ Venba sounds like it’ll tug on all the heart strings. Telling a story of reconnecting with one’s heritage, you’ll whip up a variety of saliva-inducing South Indian dishes while using branching conversations to uncover this tale of love and loss. Venba hits Nintendo Switch sometime this spring.

Goodbye World


Goodbye World, developed by YO FUJII, is another one of those games about games. Specifically, this pixelated narrative adventure is about two friends looking for the perfect idea for their next game. So you’ll play through various puzzle-platforming levels as the protagonists fine-tune their ideas and face the strain game development can put on a friendship. Evocative stuff. Goodbye World lands on Switch this month.

Have A Nice Death


Developer Magic Design Studios’ Have A Nice Death has been out for six months now, and the 2D action roguelike is finally making its way to Nintendo Switch. You play as Death Inc. CEO Death as he reaps his way through the corporate underworld to “restore work-death balance” with 70 different weapons and spells at your disposal. And, of course, you’re Death! You can’t die, so you can use what you’ve earned and learned to get better with each run. Have A Nice Death drops on March 22, 2023.



Aka by developer Cosmo Gatto is a lowkey “small open-world game” with a singular goal: Help the retired warrior Aka find inner peace on an isolated island paradise. You’ll explore hand-crafted environments, like tropical forests and steamy hot springs, while performing tasks such as building shelters and feeding adorable baby dragons. It kinda gives me A Short Hike vibes. Aka lands on Nintendo Switch on December 15.

Pepper Grinder


A fast-paced 2D action-adventure game, developer Ahr Ech’s Pepper Grinder puts you in the treasure hunting shoes of Pepper, who’s been shipwrecked and robbed. Now, with your trusty drill in tow, you must reclaim what was stolen from you by digging through the terrain, solving tricky puzzles, and grinding bosses to a pulp. There’s no definitive launch date yet, but Pepper Grinder is slated for a 2023 release.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly


Toge Productions is back with the sequel to one of my fave narrative barista games, Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly. With an expanded drink menu and an even more robust cast of characters, this looks to be a relaxing visual novel with a vibin’ lofi soundtrack. Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus &…

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