Top 10 commute gear gift guide that give a much-needed boost to your daily

There has always been a love-hate relationship between myself and my office commutes. I’ve always had the misfortune of having a very long commute (sometimes over 2 hours!) and while I enjoy having that time and space for myself, I’m always mindful of ways to make the most of this time with minimal products to carry. To add to my troubles, there would be a mix of my travel sources – using a public transit train plus a bike till the train station, I know one thing – keeping the bags light is a must! If this sounds like you or someone you know, then be ready as we have a list of products that are unique and multifunctional in design just for us. From bottles that convert into a travel mug, some kick ass bike accessories to even an alternate mode of travel (which makes going to office so much cooler), we have your back to get you fun and stylish for your commute time.

1. ForeverPen™

Ever had to do a self patdown in a public place to search for that ever-elusive pen right when the idea strikes you? Or looking for the box cutter all over the house when your most awaited parcel is finally here? This tiny inkiness pen brings you all those qualities in a size so small, it barely adds any weight with those mighty responsibilities it brings! Forever solving the ‘where is my pen’ conundrum, the forever pen writes without actually writing. Made from a unique silver composite that can oxidise surfaces, leaving behind a mark that you can write with without ever running out! Fit it on your keychain, your bag or even around your neck – once you place it, you won’t lose it. Write it on a variety of surfaces, in any orientation (very handy when traveling with your hands full) and even use it as a box cutter when you can’t find your 100th box cutter that you’re sure was in that drawer. 

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2. Hitch – Bottle and Cup In One

Hitch is the first full-size water bottle with a removable barista-approved cup hidden inside! This smart design features not only a full-sized bottle but a full-size cup as well, completely eliminating the need for disposable water bottles or to-go coffee cups. Double-walled, vacuum insulated, stainless steel, leak-proof, and BPA-free, Hitch will keep you hydrated all day long, help you go zero waste, and protect your drink with the help of a stashable leakproof slider lid. The cup holds 12oz of liquid, while the bottle holds 18oz – both are impressive quantities. The liquid can be kept hot for 6 hours, and cold for 12 hours. Hitch’s patent-pending technology makes it extremely easy to carry the bottle and cup together, as well as to separate them as needed. All you have to do is turn the crossbar at the bottom, and the cup is released from the bottle.

Click Here to Buy Now: $68

3. Haylou Bone-Conduction Headphones

Don’t you wish you could wear your earphones and still listen to the world around you? No, I don’t mean transparency mode (which doesn’t work when the…

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