Chiron Astrology: The Mysterious Part of Your Birth Chart Reveals So Much

11. Chiron in Aquarius (or the 11th House)

With Chiron in Aquarius, fitting into a group has never been your goal. This isn’t to say that you’re a loner though, you’re actually a social butterfly! As a child, you likely flitted between all of the cliques, spending time with the soccer jocks, the drama club show queens and the National Honor Society nerds on a rotating basis. In your adult life, you’re always the most popular person at the office and in your community. You go to the local coffee shop and everyone knows your name. But still, why can’t you just be normal and have one group chat? The truth is that others look up to you for your progressive social life and wish they were brave enough to step outside their usual friendship zone. You heal through the way you network and connect.

12. Chiron in Pisces (or the 12th House)

You’re always ready to forgive everyone else, but can you forgive yourself? You have the most brilliant creative mind, but with Chiron in Pisces, you’re always judging yourself for being too out there. Sure, you never follow trends, but you have a timeless style. Sure, you don’t know any popular music, but your record collection is to die for. Still, you wish you could just be normal. You also worry that everyone misreads your general optimism and hope for a brighter future as you being naive or a Pollyanna. Trust that your brilliant visions, artistic talent and genuine belief that a better world is possible is what makes you magnetic. You heal others through this great capacity for empathy and care.

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